Sunday, September 9, 2007


• WILD FIRST TIMERS (2disc) - If you enjoyed Manila Exposed videos, you'll like this one too. With fresher actors and actresses.
• Wreck My Asian Virgin ASS-After MANILA EXPOSED 1,2 & 3. Calendar Boy "MAICO" is back!(Straight-Pinoy XXX) 2disc
• MANILA EXPOSED BEHIND THE SCENES (1disc) The COMPLETE behind the scenes of Manila Exposed 1 to 3 now available. 31 minutes of video footages on how they made the series w/ staff and crew + movie snapshots. Join the FUN of making PINOY porn movies.
• MANILA EXPOSED vol.3 (2disc) The latest of MANILA EXPOSED series, Ryan and Maico (w/ new haircut) are back, this time with new set of goodlooking guys and girls, in new location. VERY CLEAR! Approx. 2 hours.
• MANILA EXPOSED vol.2 (2disc)
• MANILA EXPOSED vol.1 (2disc) a.k.a. MEN EXPOSED, Looking for a good-str8-pinoy sex? share the fun of making the film, video clip w/ staff and crew
• TEEN PHILIPPINES (2disc) - ACTUAL FOOTAGES of what teenage Filipina prostitutes do with their foreign customers. Video shot by their customers just for fun, while these fresh young prostitutes willingly do it on cam like its the first time they've seen one. Recommended!
• BOARDING HOUSE (1disc) - uncut, part 2, hidden cam, assorted couples
• COSMOPOLITAN 2003 (1disc) (Amateur cam-shots, sexy bodies on parade!)
• CONDO (1disc) - a.k.a. Talik Sa Condo, Pinoy
• DIUMAGUETE SCANDAL (2disc) - amateur cam, hidden cams
• PIRAPIRASONG KALIGAYAHAN (1disc) - another sex in pinoy movies compilation
• SAGAD SA DULO (2disc) - pinoy classic collection
• SEX IN PHILIPPINE MOVIES 5 (1disc) - pinoy classic collection
• FILIPINA PUSSYLICKERS 2 (2disc, VCD, Price: php150.00) 12 girls. 100% pure filipina beauties talking in tagalog, laughing, licking, and having more fun with vibrating dildos.

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